Con’s Animal Behavior Course

I have been teaching animal behavior courses for some 35 years. In my teaching, I have always tried to make my courses accessible to everyone with a serious interest in behavior. So many science courses use so much jargon that an intelligent layman gets lost almost immediately. I have tried to stay away from jargon, and tried make the subject of animal behavior easy to understand for everyone.

I have decided to make my notes available to anyone who has a serious interest in finding out why animals do what they do. In these notes, I talk about


  • Why birds sing
  • How animals find mates
  • What are the different ways that animals learn
  • How animals communicate
  • Are there animal languages
  • What are the different kinds of social animals
  • How animals find their food
  • Why some animals are brightly colored while others are dull
  • And much much more

If you have a serious interest in animal behavior, you can access my course at:

If you would like to see a sample module from the course, here is a link to the Learning Behavior module. It is entirely free and is my gift to you.